About the Zoonotic Disease Program

The Zoonotic Disease Program is now under the Office of Communicable Disease Epidemiology

Consultation and Technical Assistance

Local Health Jurisdictions in Washington State can request technical assistance:

  • Email Us 
  • 206-418-5500: Phone (24-hour contact)
  • 1-877-539-4344: 24-hour contact (inside Washington State only)

Washington residents should contact their local health jurisdictions for assistance.

Resources We Provide

Animal Transmitted Diseases - Zoonotic disease related topics such as rabies, hantavirus, West Nile virus, and tick-borne diseases.

Pests - Controlling or minimizing the harmful effects of pests such as rodents, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and ticks.

Zoonotic Disease Rules and Guidelines - Rabies vaccination requirement for pets, animal vendor and venue operator requirements, and other rules and guidelines to help prevent the spread of animal transmitted diseases.

Zoonotic Disease Data and Reports - West Nile virus, plague, and other zoonotic disease surveillance reports.

Veterinarian Resources - Resources to help veterinarians in their role of controlling zoonotic diseases.

Washington Tracking Network, Zoonotic Diseases - Environmental data showing the prevalence of zoonotic disease, such as West Nile virus in our state.

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