How does the CYSHCN program help Washington families?

Referrals for Services

Client referrals are made by families, schools, medical providers, and others to the Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Coordinator (PDF) in the county health department where the child lives. When families need help finding resources for their child, their provider may use a DecisionTree (PDF) as a tool to direct them to the appropriate care coordinator.

A variety of activities may be available at the local level include nursing evaluations, care coordination, health insurance navigation, health care planning and family support are examples of services available to families regardless of income.

When funding for medical services is needed, clients will be referred to the Washington Health Plan Finder or to the Health Care Authority or local navigators to determine eligibility for Medicaid. Additional assistance for Medicaid can also be found through WithinReach.

Services found to be medically necessary by the local CYSHCN Coordinator and not covered by any other sources may be eligible for funding through the CYSHCN Program when funding is available and the family income is within certain limits.

Answers for Special Kids (ASK) Line

The CYSHCN Program supports the ASK Line, a toll- free information service (1-800-322-2588 or 1-800-883-6388/TTY), which is a part of the Family Health Hotline at WithinReach. ASK Line Information and Referral Specialists provide local and state resource information on health care coverage, specialty services, recreational opportunities and more to families of children with special health care needs in Washington State. Additional supports and services can be found at