Why Should I Immunize?

To Prevent Common Illnesses

Some common diseases in the U.S. are very serious, like whooping cough, flu, and rotavirus. If you decide not to vaccinate, you accept the risk that your baby won’t be protected from serious, and sometimes deadly, diseases.

To Prevent Diseases that Exist at Low Levels in the United States

Some diseases, like measles and mumps, still occur in our country at low levels. When fewer people get immunized against these diseases, outbreaks can happen.

To Prevent Diseases that Happen in Other Parts of the World

Some diseases, like polio and diphtheria, are rare in the U.S. But anyone traveling could catch and spread these diseases. They are only a plane ride away.

To Protect Others in Your Family and Community

By immunizing your child, you also protect those who:

  • Have weakened immune systems.
  • Cannot get shots because they are too young, too old, or have certain medical conditions.
  • Are not fully immunized.

The decision to immunize your child is important. Get the facts! Find more information in the Plain Talk About Childhood Immunization (PDF) booklet.