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Why should I be concerned about pesticide-related illness?

  • The EPA notes that more than 20,000 pesticide products are registered for use. More than a billion pounds of product are used a year, with agricultural use accounting for approximately 74%. An estimated three-fourths of all U.S. households use some form of pesticides.
  • The Washington State Department of Health actively tracks and investigates pesticide-related human illnesses. It investigates reports of illness occurring in the home (residential) or while at work (occupational)
  • Pesticide-related illness impacts people of all ages. During the six year span, from January 2007 through December 2011, investigators classified 1,064 pesticide-illness cases. Off-target movement of pesticides through drift exposes workers and the public to harmful chemicals.
  • U.S. Census reports that Latinos composed about 12.5% of Washington's population in 2015 but accounted for 40% of pesticide-illness cases that year. The greater representation of Latinos among pesticide illness cases is likely due to the fact that in Washington, a high percentage of agricultural workers are Latino.

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Pesticide Data

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