Prenatal Genetic Testing


Prenatal genetic testing can be complex and confusing. While Washington State Law (RCW 70.54.220) says that doctors, nurses, and midwives need to share information with pregnant women about prenatal testing, providers may not always have enough time to do so with their patients.

Make an Informed Decision

The prenatal genetic testing video series provides objective, accurate information about how to decide if prenatal testing is right for you and your family, what the different testing options are, and why they are offered. We hope the videos will help you understand your prenatal testing options and make it easier for you to discuss them with your healthcare provider.

For your convenience we have created a playlist of all seven videos. Click the play button to start or view the whole series on our YouTube channel. The entire series is also available in Spanish. For offline viewing, you can download each video in WMV format below.

Downloadable Videos

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