New Exam and Application Information

New application

  • Combines the current, separate Department of Health and Prometric applications into one form.
  • Completed form is submitted to the Department of Health; Prometric will continue to administer the exam.
  • Both the certification application and Prometric exam fees are due to the Department of Health when application is submitted.
  • The Department of Health notifies Prometric to schedule exam after applicant meets all requirements to take exam.
  • Important! Prometric will not schedule a certification exam without an email address.
    • Applicants must check their email regularly, including junk and spam folders, for communication from the agency and/or Prometric.
    • Applicants without an email address must list the email address for someone who will frequently check their email and pass on information to them.
  • Previous applications forms received after April 29, 2016 are incomplete; applicants will receive an email requesting missing information.
  • Contact Prometric directly to retake the exam.

New certification exam

  • True-false questions, pictures, and animated scenarios
  • Uses simplified language so the questions are easier to understand, but they are not easier
  • Focuses on assessing content knowledge, not literacy or test-taking skills
  • Oral translation of the exam is available to all applicants the day of the test