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Monkeypox virus (MPV): what you need to know

MPV is an illness that can spread through skin-to-skin contact. Visit our MPV page to learn more.

WA State Dept of Health Transformational Plan - A Vision for Health in WA State

Transformational Plan

The Washington State Department of Health’s Transformational Plan reenergizes our commitment to health for all — creating policies and conditions so everyone can live their healthiest lives.

Central Washington

Infant Formula Shortage

In response to the nationwide infant formula shortage, DOH has compiled nutritional guidance resources to assist families trying to find food for their babies.

Lake Cushman

What to do if you test positive

If you test positive for COVID-19, the good news is there are steps you can take to help keep yourself and others safe.

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Busting vaccine myths

You can have confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine! Help your friends and family distinguish between rumors and facts regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.