Dye test may turn Shelton's marine water red December 1

For immediate release: Nov. 20, 2017  (17-161)
Contact: Liz Coleman, Environmental Public Health Office  360-481-2016

Dye test may turn Shelton’s marine water red December 1

OLYMPIA – As part of a study to identify areas where pollution may make shellfish unsafe to eat, officials from the Washington State Department of Health, federal and state agencies, the City of Shelton and the Squaxin Tribe will perform a dye test Dec. 1 – 4.

Red dye will be added to treated wastewater from Shelton’s main treatment plant and will likely be visible in Oakland Bay and Hammersley Inlet the first day of the testing period. The dye is not harmful to people, marine life, or the environment.

Monitoring stations have been set up around the treatment plant in Hammersley Inlet and Oakland Bay. Tracking wastewater and measuring dye levels at monitoring stations will help DOH determine where shellfish may be impacted by pollution.

The Department of Health is responsible for the safety of commercial shellfish harvested in the state. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety uses national standards to classify all commercial harvest areas.

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