State disciplines health care providers

For immediate release: December 21, 2017  (17-173)

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State disciplines health care providers             

OLYMPIA -- The Washington State Department of Health has taken disciplinary actions or withdrawn charges against health care providers in our state.

The department’s Health Systems Quality Assurance Division works with boards, commissions, and advisory committees to set licensing standards for more than 80 health care professions (e.g., medical doctors, nurses, counselors).

Information about health care providers is on the agency website. Click on “Look up a health care provider license” in the “How Do I?” section of the Department of Health website ( The site includes information about a health care provider’s license status, the expiration and renewal date of their credential, disciplinary actions and copies of legal documents issued after July 1998. This information is also available by calling 360-236-4700. Consumers who think a health care provider acted unprofessionally are encouraged to call and report their complaint.

Clallam County

In November 2017 the Home Care Aide Program denied the application of home care aide Chelsea Jo Williams (HM60432995) to reactivate her credential. Williams’s dental assistant credential was suspended in 2017 in connection with misuse of controlled substances.

King County

In December 2017 the secretary of health withdrew a statement of charges against massage therapist Xiaohong Zheng (MA60095053).

In December 2017 the Dental Commission charged dentist Shohreh Khorsandi (DE00007812) with unprofessional conduct. Khorsandi allegedly didn’t comply with a requirement to account for fees she charged 15 patients.

Klickitat County

In November 2017 the secretary of health denied a home care aide credential to Dollie Wade (HM60590200). A background check revealed past criminal charges that may disqualify Wade from holding a home care aide license.

Mason County

In December 2017 the Chemical Dependency Professional Program charged chemical dependency professional trainee and chemical dependency professional Odessa Kelly Cook (CO60455855, CP60643928) with unprofessional conduct. Cook allegedly admitted dating and having a relationship with a patient.

Pierce County

In December 2017 the Dental Commission conditionally granted a dental assistant credential to Barbara Jean Eckiss (D160804271), subject to conditions for three years. In 2014 Eckiss pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree theft.

Snohomish County

In December 2017 the Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems Program charged emergency medical technician Richard Lee Mansfield (ES01165943) with unprofessional conduct. In 2017 Mansfield was convicted of reckless driving. Charges say he was under the influence of intoxicants at the time of his arrest.

In December 2017 the Dental Commission charged dentist Henry K. Chiang (DE60305935) with unprofessional conduct. Chiang’s patient care allegedly showed multiple treatment, billing and charting inconsistencies.

Spokane County

In December 2017 the Nursing Assistant Program reinstated the certified nursing assistant credential of Lacey B. Sell (NC10094293) and ordered her to undergo evaluation for a substance abuse monitoring program. Sell’s license was suspended in 2009 in connection with diverting narcotics.

Thurston County

In December 2017 the Nursing Commission charged registered nurse Katherine A. McCarthy, also known as Katherine Vitela (RN00142461), with unprofessional conduct. McCarthy allegedly gave a patient medication after it had fallen on the floor, and left her nursing post at a health care facility without transferring responsibilities to appropriate personnel. Charges say McCarthy submitted purchased urine for testing out of concern she would test positive for marijuana.

Out of State

Hawaii: In December 2017 the Chiropractic Commission entered an agreement with chiropractor David M. Birdsall (CH00034882) that places him on probation for at least 30 months and fines him $10,000. The chiropractor must complete continuing education in radiographic technique, documentation, and records maintenance and storage. He must pass a jurisprudence exam. Birdsall inadequately documented patient treatment, inaccurately used billing codes, and took substandard radiographs.

Note to Editors: Health care providers charged with unprofessional conduct have 20 days to respond to the Department of Health in writing. The case then enters the settlement process. If no disciplinary agreement can be reached, the case will go to a hearing.

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