Public Health Improvement Partnership



The Public Health Improvement Partnership (PHIP) was established over 20 years ago in response to RCW 43.70.520 and 43.70.580.

The Partnership, a close alliance of public health experts, was directed by the legislature to guide and strengthen the governmental public health system in Washington State. It supported policies that encouraged healthy environments and lifestyles, protected people and their communities from health threats, and worked toward eliminating health disparities. Over the span of its existence, the PHIP served as a national model for public health collaboration.

Since 2012, much of its work became focused on Foundational Public Health Services. The PHIP was instrumental in launching this next iteration of collaborative partnership which will modernize the public health system in our state.

The following major efforts continue to be ongoing in Washington State, however, no longer under the guidance and leadership of the Public Health Improvement Partnership:

Public Health Modernization

State Health Improvement Plan

Performance and Accountability