School Environmental Health and Safety

Air Quality

Air Pollution and School Activities Guide (PDF)

Asthma and Schools

Essential Oils - Guide for Healthy Classrooms (PDF)

Good Ventilation is Essential for a Healthy and Efficient Building, WSU (PDF)

Healthy Air for Healthy Schools Flyer (PDF)

Healthy Air Quality in Schools - Tips for Administrators, Custodians, and Teachers

Improving Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality during Wildfire Smoke Events (PDF)

Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools, EPA

Indoor Air Quality Topics

Measuring Carbon Dioxide Inside Buildings, WSU (PDF)

Responding to Indoor Air Quality Concerns in our Schools, 2005 (PDF)

School Indoor Air Quality Best Management Practices Manual, 2003 (PDF)

School Walk-Through Videos: Chapter 1: Getting Started, Chapter 2: School Walk-through, Chapter 3: Outside, Chapter 4: Inside, Chapter 5: Classrooms, Chapter 6: Fixes, Chapter 7: Debrief

Ventilation and Air Quality for Reducing Transmission of Airborne Illnesses (PDF)

Biological Issues

Animals in Public Settings Compendium, NASPHV

Classroom Cleaning - Tips for Teachers

Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces (PDF)

Cleaning for Asthma-Safer Schools, CA Department of Public Health

Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting for Child Cares - Guide for Early Care and Education Providers (PDF)

Disinfecting and Sanitizing with Bleach - Guidelines for Mixing Bleach Solutions (PDF)

Handwashing to Prevent Illness at School

Infectious Disease Control Guide for School Staff, OSPI, 2014 (PDF)

Integrated Pest Management for Schools, WSU | Pest Press, WSU

Mold in Schools and Commercial Buildings, EPA

MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphlyococcus aureus)

Pests - Bed Bugs, Bees, Lice, Rodents

Career and Technical Education, Art, and Science

Art Hazards

School Chemical List (Excel)

Teen Workers, L&I

Theatrical Fog Guidelines (PDF)

Using 3D Printers Safely (PDF)

Video: Chemical Storage and Hazardous Waste Disposal, PS WCT and KCLHWMP

Chemical Safety Inspection Videos

Video: Hazardous Chemical Safety in School Shops

Video: Hazardous Chemical Safety in Art Classrooms

Video: Hazardous Chemical Safety in Science Classrooms 


Contaminants such as Mold, Radon, and Asbestos

Lead in School Drinking Water

Mercury in Schools


PCBs - Reducing Exposure in Schools, EPA

Pesticides and Schools

Facilities and Construction

Children's Health & the Built Environment, CDC

High Performance School Building Program, OSPI

Playgrounds and Playfields

Public Playground Safety Handbook, CPSC (PDF)

Synthetic Turf Containing Crumb Rubber

Rules and Regulations

Chapter 246-366 WAC, Primary and Secondary Schools

School Rule Revision, State Board of Health

Student Health and Safety

A-Z Health Topics, OSPI

Children's Health Protection at School, EPA

Concussion Management for School Sports

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Health and Safety Guide for K-12 Schools in Washington State, OSPI/DOH, 2003 (PDF) - Currently under review for updating. Contact us for a copy.

How to Respond to Injury and Illness at School, OSPI/DOH (PDF)

Supply List Guidance for Healthy Classrooms (PDF)

Wi-Fi Safety Concerns in Our Schools

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