Coverdell Stroke Program

Coverdell Stroke Program Guidance Team

This team of stroke experts provides clinical and programmatic guidance for the Washington Coverdell Stroke Program (WACSP). Team members have years of experience caring directly for stroke patients, developing stroke programs and systems of care, and participating in stroke research and quality improvement. The expertise of these dedicated stroke neurologists, stroke program coordinators, emergency medical services providers, and public health professionals is essential to WACSP's success.

David Tirschwell, MD, Harborview Medical Center

Madeleine Geraghty, MD, Mulitcare Deaconess Hospital

Tim Lookabaugh, Central Pierce Fire and Rescue

Brian Schaeffer, Spokane Fire

Phyllis Smith, RN, Multicare Health System

Gena Kreiner, RN, CHI Franciscan Health System

Beth Perkins, RN, Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center

Neil Christopher Apeles, Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center

Karyn Manor, RN, Multicare Deaconess Hospital

Beth Armstrong, RN, Ocean Beach Hospital

Linda Kaino, RN, Ocean Beach Hospital

Elaina Petrucci Gunn, RN, American Heart Association

Kim Kelley, MSW, Department of Health

Jim Jansen, MPH, Department of Health

Mary Whittington, RN, Department of Health

Kseniya Efremova, MDP, Department of Health

Dolly Fernandes, Department of Health

Jason Norris, Department of Health