Systems Transformation

What Is Systems Transformation?

Washington State is home to some of the most innovative health reform efforts in the nation. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, our state was strengthened by an infusion of energy and resources focused on improving healthcare and lowering costs.

Systems transformation is the Department of Health's term to describe the collaborative, statewide efforts of agency and public health staff working to make healthcare more accessible and more affordable.

Partnering on multi-agency initiatives the Department of Health has a role building healthier communities through regional collaborations and improving services by promoting quality over quantity.

Whether you are a state or local government, healthcare provider, health plan, hospital, health educator, or community-based organization you have a key role in health system transformation activities.

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Current Systems Transformation Activities

A wide range of programs and activities at the Department of Health focus on promoting better health, better care and lower costs. Here are a few examples:

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