Vaccine Advisory Committee (VAC) Meeting Visitor Protocol

This is a public meeting of the Washington State Department of Health. There are approximately 10 minutes at each meeting for public comment. The conference room for VAC meetings has a capacity limit of 40 people. Visitors may attend on a first come first serve basis until the room reaches capacity.

The VAC asks that visitors observe the following:

  • Sign in prior to the meeting and indicate the agenda item you wish to comment on.
  • Please speak only when recognized by the Chair.
  • Limit comments to three minutes. Please note that the Chair may further restrict time allotments if more than five individuals want to speak.
  • Please conduct side conversations outside of the meeting room.
  • Should visitors wish to distribute materials, bring a sufficient number of copies (25) and place on the designated meeting materials table.
  • Designated visitor seating is located at the front of the room.
  • Lunch is not provided for visitors, but they are welcome to bring their lunch to the meeting.

More Information:

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