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5930 Performance Measures

The 2007 Washington State Legislature passed Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill (E2SHB) 5930, also known as the Blue Ribbon Commission bill. Sections 60-65 of the bill addressed public health and are now codified in RCW 43.70.512522.

The new law required public health officials to develop and report on performance measures for the $20 million (per biennium) of new general fund state dollars and to identify, prioritize, and develop performance measures for the core public health functions of statewide significance. This new funding stream and effort, known as '5930' after the bill number, is not a program unto itself, but rather additional funding to enhance public health work in the priorities identified in the Creating a Stronger Public Health System report. These web pages provide information about the efforts related to the public health portion of E2SSB 5930 (PDF). A Background (PDF) and an Overview (PDF) provide more specific details around these efforts.

Background (PDF)

Fact Sheet for LHJs (PDF)

Metrics to Support 5930 Performance Measures (PDF), 2008

Overview (PDF)

Recommendations to the Secretary of Health on Implementing New Public Health Funding and Laws (PDF), 2007

Summary for 2007-2009 Biennium (PDF), 2008-2009

Update for LHJs (PDF), 2008

Measurement and Data

Guidance and Instructions

Measurement Fields Instructions (PDF), 2008

Metrics to Support 5930 Performance Measures (PDF), 2008

Reporting Measures Q&A (PDF)

Raw Data

Performance Measure 1

Doses Ordered (Excel), 2010-2012 data by local health agency

Doses Administered and Recorded in ChildProfile (Excel), 2007-2012

Performance Measure 2


Related Activities by LHJ (PDF), 01/01-06/31/2011

Related Activities by LHJ (PDF), 07/01-12/31/2011


Non-STDs (PDF), 2007-2012


Cases Diagnosed by LHJ (PDF), 01/01-06/31/2011

Cases Diagnosed by LHJ (PDF), 07/01-12/31/2011

Cases Diagnosed by LHJ (PDF), 01/01-06/31/2012

STD-TB-HIV Data Total (PDF), 2009


Cases by LHJ (PDF), 1/01-06/31/2012

Performance Measure 3

Survey Tool (PDF), 2012

Results (Excel), 2011

Results (PDF), 2011


07-09 Biennial State Budget (PDF), SHB 1128

07-09 Biennial State Budget (PDF), SHB 1128, 5930

07-09 Biennium Funding Distribution Table (PDF)

09-11 Biennium Funding Distribution Table (PDF)

Local Health Agencies Workplans

Local Health Agencies Workplans and Summaries, 2008-2009

Local Health Agencies Workplans and Summaries, 2010-2011

Local Health Agencies Workplans, 2012

Local Health Agencies Workplans, 2013

Other Reference Materials

Priorities Among Effective Clinical Preventive Services (PDF), 07/06, Vol. 31, No.1, AJPH 52-61

Strong Medicine (PDF), 12/07, UW Alumni Magazine

Performance Measure 1

Washington State Department of Health Immunization Program

Performance Measures, Vaccinations, and Pneumonia Rates Among High-Risk Patients in Veterans Administration Health Care, 12/07, Vol. 97, No. 12 | AJPH 2167-2172

Performance Measure 2

Washington State Department of Health Sexually Transmitted Disease Program

Notifiable Conditions

Communicable Disease Epidemiology Procedure (PDF)

HIV Procedure (PDF)

Sexually Transmitted Disease Procedure (PDF)

Notifiable Conditions Logic Model Form (PDF), Lincoln County

Notifiable Conditions Tracking Form (PDF)

HIV Case Report (PDF)

HIV Partner Counseling Record Form (PDF)

HIV, STD and TB Planned Measurement Fields Form (PDF)

Improving Disease Reporting by Clinicians: The Effect of an Internet-Based Intervention (Jan-Feb/08, Vol. 14, No. 1 | JPHMP 56-61

Performance Measure 3

Washington State Department of Health Nutrition and Physical Activity Program

Asleep at the Switch: Local Public Health and Chronic Disease (PDF), 12/04, Vol. 94, No. 12 | AJPH 2059-2061

CDC Chronic Disease Publications

Spokane's health district plans to fight obesity with 'walkable' city (PDF), 01/08, John Stucke

The Challenges of Addressing Primary Prevention of Diabetes: A Response to Recommendations From the Chronic Disease Directors' Project, Jan-Feb/08, Vol. 14, No. 1 | JPHMP 26-28

The Public Health Role in the Primary Prevention of Diabetes: Recommendations From the Chronic Disease Directors' Project, Jan-Feb/08, Vol. 14, No. 1 | JPHMP 15-25