Septic and Sewage Publications

Pub Number Title Language
337-002Alternating Drainfields - RS&GEnglish
337-076Annual Renewal Form Proprietary Products with AffidavitEnglish
337-075Application for Registration Proprietary Treatment ProductEnglish
337-044Application for Sewage Tank RegistrationEnglish
337-003Design Guideline for Gravity Systems in Soil Type 1English
337-004Dosing Gravity Drainfield Systems - RS&GEnglish
337-021Granting Waivers from State On-site Sewage Systems RegulationsEnglish
337-005Gravelless Distribution Products - RS&GEnglish
337-006Holding Tank Sewage Systems - RS&GEnglish
337-007Intermittent Sand Filter Systems - RS&GEnglish
337-069Large On-site Sewage System (LOSS) Level 1 Nitrate Balance InstructionsEnglish
337-070Large On-site Sewage System (LOSS) Level 1 Nitrate Balance SpreadsheetEnglish
337-111Large On-site Sewage System (LOSS) Model Operation and Maintenance ManualEnglish
337-134Large On-site Sewage Systems (LOSS) Best Management Practices (BMPs) - Commercial KitchensEnglish
337-135Large On-site Sewage Systems (LOSS) Best Management Practices (BMPs) - RV ParksEnglish
337-025List of Approved On-site Sewage System AdditivesEnglish
337-024List of Registered On-site Treatment and Distribution ProductsEnglish
337-008Mound Systems - RS&GEnglish
337-114Nitrogen: A real concern for Puget Sound and drinking water suppliesEnglish
337-009Pressure Distribution - RS&GEnglish
337-010Proprietary Treatment Products - RS&GEnglish
337-011Recirculating Gravel Filters Systems - RS&GEnglish
337-013Sand Lined Trench Systems - RS&GEnglish
337-014Stratified Sand Filters Treatment Systems - RS&GEnglish
337-028Wastewater Glossary of TermsEnglish
337-016Water Conserving On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems - RS&GEnglish