Please Read The Following Instructions Carefully

FAQs and Submission Guidance  


  • Include two matching identifiers on both requisition and tube 

  • Example: DOB and Name (spelled in same way on both) 

  • Pack each requisition with its specimen for transport 

  • Use Chrome or Firefox or Microsoft Edge Chromium to access our site 

  • Confirm that the fax number we show in your account is secure and is the best one for your facility  

  • Share your login name & password with co-workers – we allow just one account per facility 

  • Sign on at multiple workstations with the same login name & password, if you need to 

  • Call 206-418-5419 or email if you are sending 50 or more specimens on one day. Tell us quantity, expected day of arrival, your facility’s name, and a callback number. 


  • Print one form and use for all patients. Each bar code is specific for each patient’s name, address, DOB, etc. 

  • Click Password Reset (a current bug disables your account) 

  • Use Internet Explorer 

Q: Does our patient information get sent over the internet or stored on a computer somewhere? 

A: No, the information stays on your computer just long enough for you to create and print your requisition. The data is not transmitted to our lab electronically; instead, a bar code is created that is printed on your form, then scanned at our lab and imported into our database. 

Q: If I get locked out of my account, what do I do? 

A: CALL or EMAIL us please, we want to help and are monitoring our email address and phone on weekends. 

Q: What if I have a large number of requisitions to prepare? 

A: Use the back button in your browser, being careful to replace patient name & address & DOB for each new specimen. 

NOTE: If your specimens originate at a long-term care facility, our epidemiology branch needs to know whether each specimen comes from a resident or an employee. Soon we expect to modify our form to ask you for that info. For now, you can enter “staff” in the Chart or Patient ID field or Specimen Number field. 

Revised June 9, 2020

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