Proof Documents

We require proof to make some corrections to birth, marriage and divorce certificates. Before you send us proof documents, make sure they meet the below criteria.

Proof Documents must:

  • Show the true facts you are requesting corrected
  • Include full name and date of birth
  • Match exactly the correction requested on the affidavit for correction.
    • Example, if you are requesting a correction from “Mary Doe” to “Mary Ann Doe”, the proof must show the name to be Mary Ann Doe. Proof cannot show “Mary A. Doe” or “M. Ann Doe”.
  • Be from independent sources, when more than one proof document is required, and
  • Have been established over five years ago (it could have been printed more recently)


Have been established within 5 years of birth, if correcting the child's information and child is under 5.

Note: We accept passports and green cards established at any time, including if they are expired.

Examples of Proof Documents

Documents we accept if they meet the above criteria include:

  • Passports, Alien Registration Card (Green Cards), Naturalization Certificate
  • Hospital/medical record
  • Full Numident Report (Social Security)
  • Marriage or divorce record
  • Health or life insurance policy
  • Birth record of requestor's child
  • Military record (DD-214)
  • Official school transcripts (do not have to be in a sealed envelope in order to be valid).
  • WE DO NOT ACCEPT: driver's licenses, social security card or hospital issued decorative birth certificates or decorative marriage certificates.

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