Data and Statistics

Updated April 2023

The following statistics are reported by the medical cannabis database administrator and the agency's credentialing office.

Recognition Cards Created from the Database

Total Cards Created: 116,534
Cards Created in 2023: 2,963

Image of total number of medical cannabis recognition cards created

* Numbers account for each card generated from the database (initial, renewal, replacement, and corrections) and includes both patient and designated providers. 
* System went live in July 1, 2016. With the exception of 2016, all years contain four quarters of data.

Medical Cannabis Certified Consultants with Active Credential

  • Total applications received to date:  2,985
  • Certified consultants with an active credential:  485

Licensed Cannabis Retail Stores with Medical Endorsement

  • Total number of medically-endorsed stores: 239 out of 476** licensed. Of all licensed cannabis retailers, 50% hold a medical endorsement. 
  • Total Number of medically-endorsed stores that have issued a card in the last quarter:143