Washington State is in an exciting position to build on the strong foundation of public and private investment to keep people living with HIV healthy and prevent new HIV infections. We work with partners to increase the impact of our HIV prevention work in the state. Our partners have their own unique objectives and audiences, and can tailor their messages to reach specific populations at increased risk.

As part of the Department of Health efforts to promote HIV Prevention and Care, we've partnered with a social media company to develop three media campaigns to promote, outreach and educate the public.

Save More Lives Provider Campaign #1 is a statewide HIV prevention campaign for clinical providers funded by The Washington State Department of Health's End AIDS Washington initiative.

Save More Lives

Chill Pill Campaign #2 is a statewide HIV prevention campaign funded by Washington State Department of Health's End AIDS Washington initiative. The campaign empowers communities to learn about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

Chill Pill Resources

Campaña Chill Pill # 2 es una campaña estatal para la prevención del VIH financiada por la iniciativa Acabemos con el SIDA en Washington del Departamento Salud de Washington. La campaña empodera a las comunidades para que obtengan más información sobre la profilaxis preexposición (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, PrEP).

Recursos de la Chill Pill Campaign para pagar la PrEP

I Am Not A Risk Campaign #3 is a statewide campaign with a goal to encourage people living with HIV (PLWH) to get and stay in treatment. The benefits of treatment include improved health and the ability to have sex without passing on the virus to partners.
Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U). Another goal of the campaign is to broaden public education and awareness about living with HIV to reduce HIV stigma and discrimination.

I Am Not A Risk

Campaña No Soy un Riesgo # 3 es una campaña a nivel estatal con el objetivo de alentar a las personas que viven con el VIH (PLWH) a recibir y permanecer en tratamiento. Los beneficios del tratamiento incluyen una mejor salud y la capacidad de tener relaciones sexuales sin transmitir el virus a las parejas. Indetectable = Intransmisible (I = I). Otro objetivo de la campaña es ampliar la educación pública y la conciencia sobre la vida con el VIH para reducir el estigma y la discriminación del VIH.

No Soy Un Riesgo