Chill Pill Campaign Resources for Paying for PrEP

Chill Pill Campaign is a statewide HIV prevention campaign funded by Washington State Department of Health's End AIDS Washington initiative. The campaign empowers communities to learn about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). PrEP is a pill you take daily that can prevent HIV. If you are at risk for HIV, taking PrEP and using safer sex practices can lower the chances of getting HIV from sex by more than 92%.

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Help to Pay for PrEP

People who use PrEP may have to pay for doctor visits, lab tests and medications, which can be expensive. PrEP is covered by most health insurance plans, Washington Medicaid (Apple Health), and Medicare. There are PrEP payment assistance programs for people with or without health insurance coverage.

PrEP Navigators PrEP DAP Gilead Resources

    PrEP Navigators

    The Department of Health contracts with nine (9) community based organization across the state to help people get on and stay on PrEP. These are called PrEP Navigators, and they:

    • Answer questions
    • Link people to a doctor or pharmacy
    • Enroll people in health insurance and financial assistance programs
    • Provide sexual health education
    • Offer screening, testing, and treatment services.

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    PrEP DAP

    PrEP DAP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Drug Assistance Program) helps eligible clients pay for doctor visits, lab tests, and medication.

    Type: State-funded assistance program that helps pay for medication, doctor visits and lab tests

    Source: Washington State Department of Health (DOH)

    Program requirements

    You must apply for PrEP DAP and:

    • Live in Washington State

    • Be prescribed PrEP

    To receive payment assistance, enrollees must access approved services through contracted partners.

    Patients with health insurance

    • PrEP DAP pays the patient's cost for PrEP doctor visits, and lab tests for eligible enrollees who have health insurance.

    Patients without health insurance

    • PrEP DAP does not pay for PrEP but can pay the patient's cost for approved doctor visits, and lab tests for eligible enrollees who do not have health insurance.

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    Gilead Advancing Access Program

    Gilead is the drug company that makes Truvada® for PrEP. They offer help to pay pharmacy cost and help people understand the ins and outs of insurance.


    While you apply for PrEP, you can also apply directly to Gilead to their iAssist program for a free 30 day supply of medication, available to you today regardless of your insurance status. You need to complete the enrollment for the appropriate program based on your insurance status.

    Financial Co-pay Support for People with Health Insurance*:

    Gilead Co-Pay Support program is a non-income based program that pays the enrollee's costs for PrEP up to $7,200 per year.
    Apply to Gilead Co-Pay Support program

    * Excluding those with Veterans Benefits, Indian Health Services, Medicaid and Medicare. Apply to Washington State PrEP DAP for assistance.

    Financial support for people without health insurance

    Gilead has an income based support program that, if enrolled, will provide PrEP at no cost to the enrollee. Apply to Gilead Advancing Access Patient Assistance program

    Insurance Support

    Gilead staff can help you understand about insurance, including basic understanding, coverage, benefits, changes, and more.

    More Resources

    Paying for PrEP Guide

    Washington Department of Health created a guide to direct those who are prescribed PrEP to the right assistance programs based on their insurance. This guide includes information about each program and how to qualify.

    Fair Pricing Coalition

    The Fair Pricing Coalition (FPC) is an ad hoc group of activists who advocate with the pharmaceutical industry regarding the price of HIV and hepatitis drugs. The FPC hosts a list of co-pay assistance programs to help people access PrEP.

    CDC Paying for PrEP

    The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)