I Am Not a Risk Campaign Resources


About the Campaign

I am not a Risk is a statewide social media campaign funded by the Washington State Department of Health's Office of Infectious Disease. It is focused on people living with HIV (PLWH) to encourage behaviors that improve their health and eliminate the risk of transmitting HIV. The campaign also intends to broaden public education and awareness to reduce HIV-related stigma.

The advertisements for I am not a Risk will be primarily promoted through social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube), connection apps, and search engines. Additionally, promotional messages will play across the state over iHeartMedia stations and Spotify. There will be advertisements on buses (in Snohomish, King, and Pierce Counties) and billboards around Seattle.

Campaign Development

The campaign theme was developed with input from an Advisory Group and tested through three focus groups across the state. The message will be promoted through four ads; each highlighting a local community member living with HIV. Input from the Advisory Group influenced the campaign concept, messaging, and placement. Learn more about the I am not a Risk campaign at iamnotarisk.org or nosoyunriesgo.org.

Programs and Resources

Getting insured, getting tested, and getting treatment are great ways to help stop the spread of HIV. The resources below can be used to help find a testing site, doctor, and other services.

Finding a Provider

Contracted Providers with DOH
The Washington State Department of Health contracts with providers across the state to provide services for PLWH. The interactive directory above will help you find a provider in your area that is familiar with HIV treatment and the importance of viral suppression.

Provider Lookup with HIV.gov
HIV.gov has an interactive directory of various providers who specialize in HIV treatment, prevention, and other supportive services. A simple search of your zip code will quickly get you access to providers in your area for the services you need. NOTE: This directory is managed by HIV.gov, not the Department of Health.

HIV Care and Treatment

Seeing your doctor, getting lab tests and taking your HIV medication as prescribed allows your viral load to become undetectable so the virus cannot be transmitted through sex. HIV care and treatment can be expensive. Fortunately, most HIV-related services and many medications are covered by most health insurance plans in Washington, including Medicaid (Apple Health) and Medicare. There may be out of pocket costs that are not covered by insurance or Medicare and if you do not have health insurance, you may have to pay for your care out of pocket. The Department of Health understands the need for assistance with these costs and the importance of having a HIV Case Manager to navigate all the resources available. Learn more about these programs and services below.

Early Intervention Program (EIP)
Every state in the nation has an AIDS Drug Assistance Program or ADAP. Washington State Department of Health administers the ADAP for Washington through the Office of Infectious Disease's HIV Client Services Program. ADAP in Washington is called the Early Intervention Program or EIP.

What Does EIP Do?

EIP assists enrollees by paying their portion of eligible doctor visits, lab tests, medications, mental health visits, dental visits and in some cases, monthly health insurance premiums.

How Do I become Eligible?

To be eligible for EIP, you must apply, provide all required documentation, and meet the criteria below:

  • HIV-positive
  • Washington Resident
  • Family Gross Monthly Income at or below 425% Federal poverty level (FPL)

Please Note: EIP can only help pay for eligible services provided by contracted providers.

HIV Case Management
The Department of Health contracts with agencies to help connect people living with HIV with health services and resources. An HIV case manager can assesses your needs and your support system and help you access services so that you can improve and maintain your health.

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