What is the KNOW HIV/AIDS Document?

The 1988 Washington State Omnibus Law requires that certain people have HIV/AIDS education. If you are obtaining health care credential you must have this training.

Also, if you are an employee of state licensed or certified health care facility, you need to have HIV/AIDS training. You can find HIV/AIDS trainings that fulfill certification or licensing requirements HIV/AIDS Classes for Licensure.

Model Curriculum

The Washington State Department of Health developed a model curriculum for HIV/AIDS education. This document is the Know HIV Prevention Education for Health Care Facility Employees.

Educators who teach HIV/AIDS classes can use this as their curriculum. It presents the specific topics required by law. It is not a self-study manual. Educators should present the material in a traditional classroom style. An expert instructor should be available to answer to technical questions. KNOW HIV Prevention Education (PDF), is available to the public to copy or reprint in any amount. If you use this document you must include the title pages that acknowledge Washington State Department of Health and individuals who created the curriculum.

HIV/AIDS Topic Areas

The seven-hour HIV/AIDS licensing requirement must cover all six topic areas. The four-hour licensing requirement must cover topic areas 1, 2, 5 and 6. Non-licensed health care facility employees have no specific hourly requirements. They must cover topic areas 1, 2, 5 and 6. Typically, this would take about 2 hours.

Licensing Boards

Licensing boards have individual requirements. Different Licensing boards may have different topic selections. Ensure your compliance by checking directly with the licensing agency of your profession.

Washington State Department of Health does not provide HIV/AIDS training or certification for licensed and non-licensed health care workers. A list of agencies offering HIV/AIDS training with certificates of completion for licensure is on the HIV/AIDS Training page.

Rules for HIV/AIDS Training

RCW 70.24.270 Health Professionals - Rules for AIDS education and training

WAC 246-12-260 Who must obtain AIDS education?

WAC 246-12-270 Acceptable AIDS education and training

WAC 246-12-280 What is Acceptable Documentation?