Influenza (Flu) Vaccine

Influenza (flu) vaccine is made each year with the most common circulating strains. Yearly flu vaccination is recommended for everyone aged six months and older. Certain people are at greater risk, including:

There are two types of seasonal flu vaccine – an injectable (shot) and a nasal spray. With either one, kids under nine may need two doses in the same flu season if they haven't had flu vaccine before or if they haven't had two seasonal flu vaccines in any previous season.

For Adults Aged 65 and Older

There are special kinds of flu shots for people aged 65 and older that are different than regular flu shots. Fluzone High-Dose and Fluad adjuvanted shots are intended to give a stronger immune response than regular flu shots, offering better protection against flu illness. Your doctor will help you understand which flu shot is right for you. Grandparents… Protect your loved ones against flu and whooping cough (PDF) Other languages available

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