How Do I Comfort My Child?

It isn’t easy to watch your child get shots because she may cry. If your child feels that you are relaxed, she is more likely to feel safe. Breathe slowly and stay calm.

There are Things You Can Do to Comfort Your Child at Any Age

  • Bring along his favorite toy or blanket.
  • Hold him in your lap.
  • Reassure him that everything is OK.
  • Ask your doctor about when to give him medicine to reduce pain or fever.

For Infants

  • Touch your baby gently and talk softly to her.
  • Make eye contact as you smile at her.
  • Hold, cuddle, or breastfeed her.

For Toddlers

  • Talk to or sing with your child.
  • Help him to take deep breaths and “blow out” the pain.
  • Point out posters or objects in the room.
  • Tell a story or have him tell you one.
  • Let your child cry. Don’t force him to be brave.

Teach your child about “good” versus “bad” pain. Help him understand that a shot hurts a short time, but being sick hurts a lot longer.