Birth (Introductory Packet) Mailing

You should get the Introductory Packet when your child is about five weeks old. If you do not get the packet by that time, sign up to get Watch Me Grow Health Promotion Mailings.

Welcome to Watch Me Grow

Get introduced to Watch Me Grow and how it works.

Lifetime Immunization Record

Washington State Department of Health's official immunization record card. Bring this card to well-child checkups and record your child's immunizations.

Childhood Health Record

Keep track of important information about your child's health, checkups, and oral health screenings.

Immunizations: Birth through 6 years

Learn more about immunizations and the diseases they prevent. Use the schedule inside to keep your child's immunizations on track.

Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention

Prevent shaken baby syndrome and have a plan of action when your baby cries.