Find a BHA

Searching the Greenbook

  • To search for an agency by name, select the down arrow under “SEARCH FOR A SPECIFIC BEHAVIORAL AGENCY,” then type the agency name and check the corresponding.
  • To filter agencies by Services Group, Service Name, or County, check options in selection boxes.
  • To clear filters, unselect the boxes or use the “Clear all Selections” button.

For Detailed Information on Providers

  • Tool tips: for the Agency Name, hover the mouse over a location on the map.
  • Drill-through: for detailed information on the agency, hover the mouse over the location on the map, then right-click.  From there, click on the drill through option “Agency Details.” The Agency Details page provides agency name, address, phone number, a list of all services provided, number of beds, license number and credential status.
  • Use the back arrow at the top of the details window to return to the main page.