Public Records

Anyone can ask to see written records produced by Washington State government agencies including the Department of Health. To find out more, choose from the following options:

How to receive records and the associated costs:

Unless you choose to receive paper copies of the requested records or to view the records in person, you can log into our DOH Public Records Portal to retrieve your electronic records.

WACs and RCWs pertaining to Public Records


As of February 19, 2018, WAC 246-08-990 (RCW 42.56.120) authorizes the Department of Health to collect reasonable costs for providing copies (paper or electronic). You may choose to receive requested records as paper copies sent to you in the mail, or electronic copies sent via your DOH Public Records portal or mailed on CD or USB drive. Electronic copies will be sent to you via your DOH Public Records customer portal unless requested otherwise. Per WAC 246-08-990(7), requestors are required to pay fees for copies in advance of receiving records.