Biomonitoring in Washington State

In 2009, the Washington State Department of Health received a grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to collect biomonitoring data in Washington State. This funding created the Washington Environmental Biomonitoring Survey (WEBS) program. The grant provided funding for five years ending in 2014.

The main goals of the grant were to:

  1. Increase the ability of the Washington State Department of Health's Public Health Laboratories to conduct biomonitoring testing.
  2. Measure the amounts of chemicals in the urine, blood and other tissues in a sample of Washington residents. This includes people at average risk and those at high risk for exposure.
  3. Compare levels in Washington to those in the United States as a whole.
  4. Use this information to reduce exposures.

Biomonitoring Projects

Washington Biomonitoring Fact Sheet - Summary of Activities and Findings (PDF)

For more information, please contact Blaine Rhodes, Principal Investigator