Transient Accommodations Fee Rule Revision

On July 1, 2018, the Department of Health will increase transient accommodation fees for the first time since November 2006. The fee increase is necessary to cover program expenses for licensing and inspecting transient accommodation facilities. The Department of Health proposed a 29.3% fee increase. Based on comments received during our public comment period and a revised program budget, the adopted fee increase was lowered to 21.07%.

License Fee Current Fees Adopted Fees
3-10 Rooms $164.10 $198
11-49 Rooms $326.30 $395
50–over Rooms $657.00 $795
License Amendment Fee $54.60 $66
Late Renewal Fee $54.60 $66

Final Adoption Notice and Rule Language, WAC 246-360-990 Transient Accommodation Fees (PDF)

If you have questions about the adopted rule, contact Juan Gamez at 360-628-6620.

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