Fish and Shellfish Reports

Evaluation of PFAS in Commercial Fish Tissue, 2023 (PDF)

Human Health Evaluation of Contaminants in Upper Columbia River Fish, 2012 (PDF) - Based on fish tissue sampling data, mercury and PCBs in fish from the Upper Columbia River are human health contaminants of concern. Fish consumption advisories are provided in this report.

Human Health Evaluation of Contaminants in Puget Sound Fish, 2006 (PDF) - Based on Puget Sound fish tissue data, it was concluded that PCBs and mercury are a potential public health concern. Recommendations for fish consumption advisories are provided.

Evaluation of Contaminants in Fish from Lake Washington, 2004 (PDF) - Review and evaluation of the potential health risks from exposure to bioaccumulative contaminants from eating five fish species from Lake Washington.

Statewide Bass Advisory, 2003 (PDF) - In response to finding elevated levels of mercury in bass tested across the state, the Department of Health issued a statewide bass advisory. This report provides information, data, and criteria used to develop the the advisory.

Lake Whatcom Fish Advisory, 2001 (PDF) - Recommended guidelines for eating fish from Lake Whatcom in response to findings of high levels of mercury in fish tested from the lake.

Lake Whatcom Residential and Angler Fish Consumption Survey, 2001 (PDF) - This survey was done to gather information on Lake Whatcom residents and angler consumption of fish caught in Lake Whatcom as well as their perceptions related to fish advisories. The project gathered exposure information and was used to assess human health implications from eating mercury-contaminated fish from Lake Whatcom.

Geoduck Tissue Sample Preparation and Homogenization: Standard Operating Procedure (PDF) - Standard procedure for preparing geoduck tissue samples.

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