Drinking Water System Data


More information about water system assistance, regulations, and system planning are on the Community and Environment Drinking Water page.

Data Links

Sentry Internet Database contains summary information pertaining to WA State public water systems. You can find information such as compliance actions, operating permits, water quality data, Water Facility Inventories (WFIs), and obtain downloads and reports.
For more information about types of information available within Sentry, visit Who Uses Sentry Internet Data and Why?

Source Water Assessment Interactive GIS Mapping.

Washington Tracking Network (WTN) - The Washington Tracking Network (WTN) gathers and analyzes data about environmental health hazards, exposure to hazards, and health outcomes based on exposure.

Water system data - (available for download in Microsoft Excel format). Files contain basic data such as water system address, population, connections, and source information.

Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Reporting - New online reporting tool.

Fluoride Data - List of water systems with fluoride.

Water system statistics, Group A and Group B systems.