Trauma Designation

Rules in Progress

WAC 246-976-580: Trauma Designation Process and WAC 246-976-700 Trauma Designation Standards

The Department of Health is considering amending the rules to establish clear requirements and criteria for assessing needs for trauma centers and determining minimum and maximum hospital and health care facilities in the state.

Please submit rules comments to the Trauma Designation Program rules comments inbox at

CR-101 rule inquiry stage – drafting of proposed rules

CR-102 rule proposal phase—preparing proposed rules

Rules Hearing

Rules hearing scheduled for July 11, 2023.

CR-103 – Adopted rules

  • Anticipated CR-103 filing date, Summer 2023

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Trauma Medical Director Workgroup Recommendations

In 2019 a workgroup comprised of all of the Trauma Medical Directors convened to draft a recommendation to the department regarding minimum/maximum designation determination criteria. The final recommendation document from this workgroup, Min/Max Workgroup Recommendation (PDF), is online.