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The Washington State Department of Health requires that only the applicant or licensee may complete an attestation for an application, or for continuing education. This is a legal attestation. Completion of the attestation by anyone other than the applicant may constitute a reportable felony offense. The Department of Health can take action against people for perjury or for making a false statement they know to be false.

For further information please see:

Washington State law authorizes the Department of Health to obtain fingerprint-based background checks for licensing purposes. This check may be through the Washington State Patrol and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We may require this if you have lived in another state or if you have a criminal record in Washington State. This would be at your own expense.

You must pay the application fee at the time you apply. You may use a credit or debit card with a VISA or MasterCard logo, or pay by ACH/E-Check. Please make sure your address on the payment information screen matches the address your financial institution has on file for you. This fee is non-refundable. There is a convenience fee to apply online.

If we need additional documentation, we'll notify you by email.

There are additional items you may need, in addition to your application:

If you have questions, contact our Customer Service staff at 360-236-4700.

Getting started

Online Application Instructions

Online application instructions are on our website.

Online applications are accessed through SecureAccess Washington (SAW) security portal. You'll need to add the Department of Health Online Application Portal - Healthcare Enforcement and Licensing Management System (HELMS) Portal service to access the online applications. The first time you add the service, you'll be prompted to answer several questions to verify your identity. The questions will match the name and address you provide with the existing public record information. Because the questions come from public record, you need to provide a complete address and your full legal name as it appears on your driver's license or birth certificate. You may find you have to enter a former address, especially if your address has changed recently (within the past one or two years) to get the right questions that pertain to your identity. If you don't have sufficient information in the public record to verify your identity and aren't currently credentialed by the Department of Health, then you'll need to submit a paper application, as you won't be able to access the Online Application Portal.

Once you have completed the process, and submitted your application, you will receive an email with your pending credential number, or you may look on Provider Credential Search. Refer to this credential number any time you contact Department of Health or submit paperwork.

Apply on paper

The following forms are required for completing the application process. Please download and print forms.

Fee Schedule

See fee information below
Non-Refundable Fee Type Fee Amount
Initial application $541*
State examination (initial/retake) $155
Renewal $541*
Late renewal penalty $265
Duplicate license $10
Verification of license $25
Expired license reissue $300
Inactive license $250*
Student midwife permit $175

* Includes the $16 fee to access the University of Washington HEAL-WA health resources website.

WAC 246-12-340 – Refund of fees

Fees submitted with applications for initial credentialing, examinations, renewal, and other fees associated with the licensing and regulation of the profession are non-refundable.

Licensing Requirements

See licensing requirements below

Licensed midwives, routes to licensure

Graduation from a Midwifery Education Accreditation Council-approved midwifery program. Transcripts must be sent directly from your school that show you have received a midwifery certificate or degree, and course curriculum. This includes verification of all classroom subjects and clinical training, and completion of the birth requirements in WAC 246-834-140; or

Graduation from a foreign institute on midwifery of equal requirements conferring the right to practice in the country in which it was issued. Foreign graduates may need to supply more information about their program to determine if the requirements are equal. Foreign applicants must also have proof of their licensure in the foreign jurisdiction sent directly from the agency from which it was issued; or

Hold a current certified professional midwife certificate. Provide proof of current CPM certification and documentation of attendance at 100 births; proof of prenatal and postpartum care exams; completion of epidemiology and obstetric pharmacology courses; and a signed legend drugs and devices form per WAC 246-834-065. If you don't meet these licensing requirements you may be eligible for a CPM trainee permit under WAC 246-834-066.

State license verification

Applicants must list all states where they do or did hold credentials. This list must also include when the applicant has applied for a credential, even if a credential was not granted. The jurisdiction where the applicant is or was credentialed must complete and submit the verification form. The jurisdiction must send the completed form directly to the department.

Personal data questions

Each applicant must answer the personal data questions. If there is a positive answer to the professional liability claims history question, the applicant must send an explanation of the nature of the case, data and summary of care given, copies of the original complaint, and the settlement or final disposition. If a case is pending, applicant must indicate status.

Additional information/documents required

  • Proof of three years of midwifery training
  • Applicants must obtain a passing score on both the North American Registry of Midwives and Washington State licensing exams.
  • Applicants must complete the online jurisprudence examination and pass with a score of 100 percent.
  • Other documents as required by route to licensure.

Process for approving/denying applications

Credentialing staff members review the application and supporting documents to make an initial determination on eligibility. The recommendation is based upon the requirements outlined in chapter 18.50 RCW and chapter 246-834 WAC. Credentialing supervisors approve applications that don't have positive answers to personal data questions, have questionable verifying documents or are otherwise a “red flag” application. "Red flag" applications are forwarded to the exception application process for determination by the appropriate disciplinary authority. An applicant will be formally notified of a denial and has the opportunity for a hearing to appeal the decision.

Renewal requirements

  • Midwives must renew their license every year on or before their birthday.
  • Submit the Consultation, Emergency Transfer and Transport form. You may fill this form out electronically online or download, print and mail it in.
  • Data submission on all courses of care for every mother and newborn under your care to a department-approved research organization. The department-approved research organizations are Midwives Alliance of North American (MANA stats) and American Association of Birth Centers (AABC).
  • Participation in a peer review program. At least five clinical cases every two years are required.
  • Thirty hours of continuing education (CE) every three years:
    • A minimum of 25 hours must be directly related to the clinical practice of midwifery.
    • Any remaining hours may be in professional development activities that enhance the practice of the licensed midwife.
    • A licensed midwife shall obtain CE hours through one or more of the categories listed in WAC 246-834-355. Documentation for all activities must include licensee's name, date of activity, and number of hours. The department does not pre-approve continuing competency courses for presenters or licensees.

License Renewals

Renew your license

Is your contact information current?

In order to serve you better, we must have your correct mailing address in our system. This is especially important because we mail your courtesy renewal notice and updated credential to the address on file. The U.S. Postal Service does not forward Department of Health mail. If your contact information is not current in our system, please complete and submit the contact information change form. If you have questions, feel free to contact our staff.

How to renew

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If you have questions about the renewal process, see our Frequently Asked Questions.