Food Safety Videos: Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill

Food Safety "Clean" Video

Food Safety "Separate" Video

Food Safety "Cook" Video

Food Safety "Chill" Video

You and Your Family

Food Safety for You and Your Family - Food poisoning, food myths, tips for holidays and barbecues, recalls, and food safety tips for around the home.

Food Workers

Food Worker and Industry Resources - Food worker manual, food service rules, and food safety signs for food establishments.

Food Safety Education Partners - Federal food safety information. Food safety videos, who's at risk for food poisoning, and how to keep food safe.

Fight Bac! - Fight foodborne bacteria and reduce the risk of illness with the Partnership for Food Safety Education. Outreach materials for different ages and campaigns such as Mythbusters and Holiday Food Safety. - You can't tell by looking, so use a food thermometer to be sure meat, poultry, or egg dishes are done. Brochures, videos, and print ads.

Local Resources

Local Health Departments - Check your local health agency for more food safety education information.


Content Source: Food Safety Program