Blood Establishments

The 2016 Washington State Legislature enacted Substitute House Bill 2580 requiring the Department of Health to:

  • establish and administer a registration process for blood-collecting or blood-distributing establishments that collect or distribute blood for allogeneic transfusion in Washington State that are licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA);
  • create and maintain an online public registry of all registered blood establishments that supply blood products for transfusion in Washington State; and
  • set fees for those blood establishments applying for or renewing a registration.

The purpose of the registry is to ensure the safety and transparency of Washington's blood supply. The department registry will allow hospitals, etc., that use blood for transfusion in Washington, to be able to see that blood establishments are in good standing with the FDA. The documents to be submitted by the blood establishment upon application and yearly thereafter, will include any enforcement actions taken by the FDA such as titled letters, consent decries, etc. This information is currently available on the FDA website, but is very hard to access.

Learn more on the Registry Records webpage.

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