Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review

Electronic file transfer process

You have the option of apply to CRS by electronic means or hard copy (paper plans).  We encourage you to apply electronically which will speed the plans review process. 

CRS is using www.box.com (or www.dohcrs.box.com) as its file transfer method. You will receive a link and instructions via email for setting up a box.com account when we receive your application and fee. Each project will have its own transaction folder labeled by the CRS project number which will allow you to upload/download electronic documents.

Your single box.com login will allow you to access all of the projects that you have set up as electronic reviews.

Box.com security updates

Beginning Friday, July 28, 2022, access to Box.com website will require an additional level of authentication during the login process. This two-step verification (sometimes referred to as two-factor authentication) is an additional layer of security to protect your account.

Users will now be prompted for two-step verification each time they access the Box.com website. The first step is your password. The second step is one of the following:

  • A code sent to a mobile device via text message;
  • A voice call;
  • A code sent via secure mobile application, such as the Microsoft Authenticator.

The authentication will last as long as the browser session is active. If the browser is closed or inactive for a period of 30 minutes, users will again be prompted to authenticate in order to access the Box.com website.

Additionally, any shared links created prior to Friday July 28, 2022, where the user was not a collaborator, will no longer function. Those users will need to be invited to collaborate on the folder in order to access it. Contact CRS directly to invite additional users as collaborators.

For more information, please contact us.

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