Medical Cannabis Contact Information and Resources

Contact Information

Medical Cannabis Program Contact
Email | Phone: 360-236-4819 X1

CloudPWR Database Vendor Support Contact
Email | Phone: 360-236-4819 X2

Credentialing Department Contact
Email | Phone: 360-236-4819 X3 or 360-236-4700

Liquor and Cannabis Board Contact
Email | Phone: 360-664-1600

Department of Agriculture Contact
Washington State Department of Agriculture | Phone: 360- 902-1800

Department of Revenue Contact
Washington Department of Revenue | Phone: 360-705-6655


Historical Reports

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Use the following links to find answers to the Medical Cannabis Program's most frequently asked questions. Due to the ever-changing landscape of cannabis regulations, questions and answers are subject to change. Please visit this section periodically to stay updated on current information.

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