Community Report

The Washington Tracking Network’s (WTN) Community Report tool allows you to see a variety of health measures for a given geography. You can select which county(s) you would like data for, and which data you would like to see. Data can be viewed as a map or as trends over time and are available for download. You can access the Community Report by clicking the buttons that look like this:

Community Report

What's Here

The available health data include population data (vital statistics) and survey data (Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System and Healthy Youth Survey). Available geographies are county and statewide.

How to Use

When you enter the Community Report, you will be able to filter the data that you are viewing. The dropdown filters allow you to select relevant criteria for your interest in that topic, such as demographics or geographic area.

Filters for Community Report

Information about the data or display is shown at the bottom of the dashboard page.

Downloading the Data Table

The first dashboard (on the far left of the dashboard selection bar) titled “Data Table” or “Download Data Table” allows you to select the data you would like to download for analysis.

To download the data once you have selected your filters, follow these five steps:

Step 1: Select data in drop down menus to the right.

Step 2: Click anywhere on the data table once.

Step 3: Select “Download” at the bottom of the dashboard or in the tool bar above the data.

Download button

Step 4: Select “Data.” If “Data” is grayed out, go back to Step 2 and ensure that you have clicked a cell in the data table.

Step 5: Select “Download” again.

System Requirements

For best results in viewing the Tableau dashboards the following web browser versions or later are recommended: Windows IE 11, Mozilla Firefox 52.5, Google Chrome 65.0, and Safari IOS 11.3. If you are running any other browser (i.e. Windows Edge 16); the dashboards may not display properly.

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