Psychologist Jurisprudence Exam RCW and WAC References

RCWs and WACs

A statute or Revised Code of Washington (RCW) is written by the Washington State Legislature. Once legislation is signed by the governor, it becomes law.

The website for RCWs is a searchable database online. You may also access the state government website. If you're interested in getting a copy of any RCW, contact your local public library.

The RCW and WAC that directly relate to psychology:

Revised Code of Washington: RCW Chapter 18.83

Washington Administrative Code: WAC 246-924

Other Relevant RCWs are:

A rule or Washington Administrative Code (WAC) is written to provide interpretive support for the individuals or entities to whom the rule applies. Department of Health rules are written and adopted by a board or commission, or the secretary of the Department of Health. Rules or WACs carry the full force of the law.

WACs are available on the state government website.

The WACs that relate to: