Shellfish Program Fees Rule Revision

Affected and Interested Parties

Owners and employees of shellfish operations such as shuckers, packers, harvesters, and growers, and other interested parties.

Reason Why Rule Change Considered 

The Department of Health (Department) withdrew the CR-102 filed November 22, 2023, and published as WSR 23-23-186 and CR-101 filed January 27, 2023, and published as WSR 23-04-061 for WAC 246-282-990, fees.

The Department withdrew the CR-102 and CR-101 because the 2024 Legislature passed a budget proviso that gives the Department funding to contract with an independent third-party consultant to study the commercial shellfish regulatory program and make recommendations on fees. The budget proviso prohibits the Department from increasing commercial shellfish fees during fiscal year 2025.

WSR 24-08-079, CR-101 Withdrawal Memo (PDF)

WSR 24-08-079A, CR-102 Withdrawal Memo (PDF)

Concise Explanatory Statement (PDF)


Peter Beaton, Rules Coordinator, 360-236-4031

Dani Toepelt, Shellfish Program, 360-236-3347