Shellfish Program Fees Rule Revision

Affected and Interested Parties

Owners and employees of shellfish operations such as shuckers, packers, harvesters, and growers, and other interested parties.

Reason Why Rule Change Considered 

The Department of Health (Department) has completed an initial assessment of the commercial shellfish program fiscal resources and determined the program is not generating sufficient revenue to cover the cost of the program. The program filed a CR101, Preproposal Statement of Inquiry for WAC 246-282-990. Rulemaking is needed to create or update fees for operator licenses, export certificates, biotoxin testing and paralytic shellfish poisoning testing. The department may also consider implementing cost recovery mechanisms consistently across operator license categories for harvesters, shippers and shucker-packers such as adding a late license renewal fee, reinspection fee, or a non-compliance driven inspection fee.

Commercial Shellfish Licensing Fees Fact Sheet (PDF)

Commercial Shellfish Fees Summary Fact Sheet (PDF)

Commercial Shellfish Fee Analysis Proposal Stakeholder Question & Answer (PDF)

Commercial Shellfish Testing Fees Fact Sheet (PDF)

Commercial Shellfish Fees Export Certificates Fact Sheet (PDF)

Rule Development Timeline 

A CR-101 was filed on January 27, 2023 as WSR#23-04-060. View the CR-101 for WAC 246-282-990 (PDF). The department intends to have rules become effective in July 2024.

How to Get Involved 

The Department of Health will use a collaborative rule-making approach. The Department will keep interested parties informed of the rule development through email correspondence and regular posting of information on department rule-making website. The department will share status and findings with its standings group Shellfish Rulemaking Advisory Committee during its already planned meeting dates. The department will share drafts rules and conduct an informal comment period on this website when the draft rules are ready for review.

For More Information 

Peter Beaton, Rules Coordinator, 360-236-4031

Dani Toepelt, Shellfish Program, 360-236-3347