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After the Construction Review Services (CRS) portion of the project has been approved, CRS staff members will notify the licensing program that the project is complete. For significant projects, a final approval packet will be forwarded to the appropriate licensing program under the Department of Health or the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). The licensing program may notify the facility if additional information is necessary.

It's important to remember the stamped approved copy of the construction documents shall be kept and available for the licensing staff on site. Be sure to record your date of completion and project number as you may be required to provide this information on your license renewal.

Department of Health Projects

Contact the Department of Health Customer Service Office at 360-236-4700 for help with amending or adjusting your hospital license.

Department of Social and Health Services Projects

The licensing approval may be subject to a site inspection by licensing and the Office of the State Fire Marshal to verify compliance with applicable regulations and your approved documents.

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