Commercial Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal

A license for the receipt and disposal of low-level radioactive waste is issued to US Ecology by the Waste Management Section. An on-site inspector checks each shipment of waste arriving at the disposal facility. Inspections include a comprehensive review of all shipping documents, thorough radiation survey of the transport vehicle, and a visual inspection of the individual containers for appropriate marking, labeling and container integrity. Weekly random inspections of container contents ensure that shippers are complying with the packaging requirements of the operator's disposal license.

Certain aspects of the licensee's operations are reviewed daily and monthly to ensure that the facility operator is adhering to the regulations, license requirements, and procedures. In addition to the on-site inspector's daily and monthly routine inspections of operations, the Waste Management Section performs multiple inspections of the operator's radiation safety program. These inspections ensure that by the end of the year the entire radiation safety program at the facility has been reviewed.

US Ecology Radioactive Materials License (PDF)

SEPA Cover Letter (PDF)

SEPA Addendum (PDF)

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