Notifiable Conditions Rule Revision Implementation

The Notifiable Conditions Rule, Chapter 246-101 WAC, was revised and the implementation date is nearing.

When does the rule revision go into effect?

Rule changes go into effect January 1, 2023.

DOH is updating current processes and creating new ones to comply with changes to the rule. We are also updating our data systems to collect new data required under the revised rule.

Who is impacted?

What’s changed?

  • New or revised requirements for 74 new or existing conditions
  • Revised reporting periods for some conditions
  • New or revised reporting contacts for some conditions
  • Revised demographic collection requirements with new reporting categories
  • New requirement for reporting pregnancy status (for Hep B)
  • New requirement for reporting Medicaid status (for blood lead in patients less than 72 months of age)
  • Revised criteria for collecting contact information
  • Clarifying notification, investigation report, and outbreak report content requirements

How do I comply with the rule changes?

  • Get informed about the rule and the changes by reading Chapter 246-101 WAC.
  • Review the linked guidance on this page and review the resources on our agency website for your specific area.
  • Check your email for invitations and agendas covering the changes and updates to our data systems. Updates are hosted by our staff via webinar, training, and listening sessions.


For questions about the revised rule contact