Drug Lab Cleanup - Certification Renewal

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Refresher Course

Clandestine drug lab (CDL) decontamination workers and supervisors must take an approved refresher course at least once every two years to fulfill renewal certification requirements. The state Department of Health no longer offers the required refresher course. The refresher course is currently only available through Certified CDL Training Providers.

Scheduling of CDL refresher courses is determined by the Certified CDL Training Providers and may occur at any time during the year. If you need to attend a refresher course before you apply for renewal of your worker or supervisor certificate, you are advised to contact either of the training providers below and attend a refresher course sooner rather than later, because course offerings are subject to cancelation by the training provider when enrollment is too low to financially support conducting the course.

Renewal Application Forms

Supervisors submit a Supervisor Certification Application Form (PDF).

Workers submit a Worker Certification Application Form (PDF).