Case Management of Children with Elevated Blood Lead Levels

The following are resources for Local Health Jurisdiction professionals working to provide case management services to children with elevated blood lead levels. Some of the documents are in Word format so that they can be modified and used as templates.

Case Management and Educational Materials

Case Management Guide (PDF) - Reimbursement funding for case management is currently unavailable.

PEHSU Medical Management Guidelines (PDF)

Letter to the Parents of a Child with an EBLL - Template (Word)


Lead Testing Home Visit

How to Sample

Drinking Water Sample (kitchen)

Dust Wipe Sample (floor)

Dust Wipe Sample (window)

LeadCheck Swab (exterior paint)

Soil Sample (front yard)


My Child's Lead Test Result (PDF)

Lead in Home Remedies (PDF)

Lead Warning - Lead Can Poison Your Child (PDF)

Fight Lead Poisoning with a Healthy Diet (PDF)

Visit our lead publications page for additional publications

Environmental Investigation

Child Blood Lead Investigation Form (PDF)

Written Report with Plan of Care - Template (Word)

Lead Dust Sampling Technician Field Guide (PDF)

LeadCheck Swab Instruction Manual (PDF)

Referral Services

Referral Letter Template (Word)

Standing Orders

Notice: The signed state standing order is no longer valid for use and has been removed from this page. We have replaced them with unsigned standing orders, for use as templates. Local Health Officers or other appropriate medical personnel may issue blood lead testing standing orders for the jurisdictions or organizations for which they are responsible.

Standing Order Template (Word)