Laws Related to Oral Health and Dental Care Delivery in Washington State

WAC 388-535

State Covered Dental Services

WAC 388-535A

Orthodontic Services

WAC 246-290-460

Fluoridation of Drinking Water

WAC 246-812

Board of Denture Technology

WAC 246-814

Access to Dental Care for Children

WAC 246-815

Dental Hygienists

WAC 246-817

Dental Quality Assurance Commission

WAC 296-20-110

Medical Aid Rules - Dental

WAC 458-20-151

Dental Business Practices

RCW 18.29

Dental Hygienists

RCW 18.30


RCW 18.32


RCW 41.05.183

General Anesthesia services for dental procedures - Public employee benefit plans

RCW 43.70.650

School Sealant Endorsement Program

RCW 48.43.185

General anesthesia services for dental procedures

RCW 49.64.040

Dental Care Assistance Plans - Options Required

RCW 57.08.012

Fluoridation of Water Authorized