Healthy Home

Most people spend a large part of every day in their house; whether it is a single family home, apartment, mobile home, or any other type of housing. Many factors influence the health and safety of that house.

Asthma, Allergens and Irritants

Asthma attacks can be triggered in the home by allergens or irritants such as dust mites, rodents, cockroaches, mold growth, second-hand smoke, excess dust, pesticides, and fragrances. Learn more about asthma and its triggers.

Contaminants in Your Home

Your home provides your family with comfort and protection; but your home may also have hidden health hazards, such as lead, mold and moisture, and carbon monoxide. Learn more about contaminants in your home.

Drinking Water

Despite the fact that America's water supplies are among the safest in the world, some types of coliform bacteria and nitrate can affect your health with just one drink of water. Learn more about drinking water in your home.

Food Safety

Sometimes foodborne bacteria and other contaminants can make you and those you care about sick. Learn more about food safety at home.

Household Product Safety

Chemicals found in common household products can be harmful to children and pets. Store harmful products safely, use less of them in and around your home, and properly dispose of products you don't need. Learn more about using household products safely.

On-site Sewage Systems (septic tanks)

If you are not properly maintaining your septic system you are putting your family's health at risk. Learn more about caring for your on-site sewage system.

Pests - Bed Bugs, Ticks, Rodents, etc.

Insects, rodents, and other pests can harm our food, property, and health. Many pests can transmit disease. Other pests bite or sting, causing allergic reactions. Learn more about pests and your health.

Smoke-free Housing

Smoke-free housing is a growing trend across Washington state and the nation. Landlords, owners, and tenants can work together to make the air they breathe in their homes smoke-free. Learn more about smoke-free housing.

Unintentional Injuries

Unintentional injuries are the number one cause of death and disability for people of Washington State, ages 1-44. Many of these injuries can be prevented with low-cost measures and proper education. Learn more about preventing unintentional injuries.

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