Ordering a Stillbirth Record

We can help you with stillbirth records from January 1, 1957 to present.

The death of a child is devastating for families and communities. The certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth provides a formal acknowledgment of the birth of the child. The format looks similar to a birth certificate and is issued for fetal deaths of 20 weeks or more gestation. The certificate contains information on the child and their parent(s). The fetal death certificate contains cause of death and disposition information.

Where can I get a certificate?

You can order a certificate from:

How do I get a certificate?

To get a certificate, you must complete the following steps:

  • Submit an application with required pieces of information.
  • Provide valid government identification or alternate identification.
  • Provide documentation to prove your qualifying relationship if your identification above does not have the same information listed on the stillbirth record.
  • Pay the applicable fee(s). Fees start at $25 per certificate. Other fees may apply depending on ordering or shipping method.

How do I use the certificate outside the United States?

To use a certified document issued in Washington state, like a certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth or a fetal death certificate, in another country for official purposes you may need an apostille from the Secretary of State. Visit the apostille page for more information.

Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth

Order a Stillbirth Record

Who can get a certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth?

Only the person who gave birth can get this type of certificate.

Fetal Death Certificate

Order a Fetal Death Record

Who can get a fetal death certificate?

Qualified relationships for fetal death certificates include:

  • Parent
  • Sibling
  • Grandparent
  • Parent’s legal representative (licensed attorney)
  • Authorized representative
  • Government agency
  • Courts
  • Funeral director or funeral establishment (within 12 months of date of death)